Cathy Kreger

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt, Adele, Diana Krall

The single “Elements”:
“Her voice gives my spirit wings – The lyrics, vocal and instrumental accompaniment are top-notch. This is such a positive and heart-felt song. The entrance of the chime makes your emotional ear stand at attention and by the end of the song, I was touched multi-dimensionally. You have a life-long fan, Cathy Kreger. I can see this production being complimented by numerous artists as a cover, likened to Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Adele and so on.” – alohacowgirl (iTunes review)



Singer, songwriter, guitarist – has been performing for more than 28 years. Her musical style is a unique combination of adult contemporary and old blues, with an alternative folk flair. Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul and Mary) once said “No doubt about it. She has a great voice and really has her act together.” She has acquired a devoted fan base throughout the Northeast, especially in Connecticut, New York, and Long Island, where a thriving music scene exists.

“Armed with only an acoustic guitar and a voice as clear as cool water, Cathy Kreger delivers more pure music per minute than a bevy of roadhouse rockers. There aren’t enough superlatives for an adequate description of a Cathy Kreger performance! This Connecticut native has chosen Long Island for her home, to our benefit and delight. Her percussive, accomplished guitar work and powerful voice was instantly recognizable to anyone who has heard her solo work and her work with other musicians. Her most recent critically acclaimed album, Heart of the Matter, demonstrates the power behind her performances, as with her two previous sold-out releases Live at the Blue Angel Café and Grand Central Waltz. Cathy is a consummate professional; she has opened for a number of stars including Bonnie Raitt, The Band, and Taj Mahal. Don’t miss this Long Island Music Award nominee in a rare concert appearance.” —  Folk Music Society of Huntington

“There are those people who are gifted and those who have logged in hours and hours of practice and playing. As soon as one of them touches the the guitar, and opens their mouth to form one sung note, we recognize them instantly for what they are: PROFESSIONALS…Cathy Kreger is one of them.” —  Richard Cuccaro – Acoustic Live and Beyond Magazine NYC

“Kreger possesses Bonnie Raitt’s inflections and soaring vocal style, but her tone is smoother and purer. She plays Superbly.” —  JC – The Performing Songwriter

“After the very first song of her set, I understood why some people have an innate gift for both extraordinary vocal and instrumental ability. Others have the inborn gift for songwriting. A minuscule fraction of the population has the combined characteristics of both groups, and it’s in this category that Cathy Kreger belongs.” —  Roy Abrams – The Musician’s Exchange

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